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Lifelong Learning: The Key to a Successful Life

Hi, there! My name is Paulie and today I would like to use the blog to share some ideas with you. During my time in high school, I learnt a very important lesson. I wasn't very a good student and one day this teacher took me to one side and explained that if I didn't make some changes to the way I viewed the world, I would face some problems. He encouraged me to continue to follow my passions and to never stop learning. I took his advice and since leaving school, I have had a very successful life. I decided to give something back to the universe by starting this blog.


Does Your Child Need A Science Tutor?

21 February 2023
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

Does your child struggle in their science lessons? Many school lessons can be difficult sometimes, but science is a subject that often causes a significant amount of stress for both students and parents. In the busyness of a high school science lesson, it is easy for some students to get left behind or to miss the applications of important concepts that can leave them struggling in the future, as later lessons seek to build on what the teacher believes is an existing foundation. Read More …