4 Signs It's Time to Consider Switching Your Daughter to an All Girl's School

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4 Signs It's Time to Consider Switching Your Daughter to an All Girl's School

19 July 2017
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There are numerous advantages in enrolling in an all girls private school. Wondering if it might be the right choice for your daughter? Here are some signs that you may want to consider this type of school for your daughter.

1. Your Daughter Is Distracted by Boys

Is your daughter more consumed by her latest crush than the excitement of algebraic equations and history? To a certain degree, it's natural to become interested in the opposite sex, but if you feel that your daughter's interest is consuming her to the extent that she can't pay attention to her studies, it may be time to consider an all girl's school.

2. Your Daughter Is Changing Her Interests as She Gets Older

According to a study of over 11,000 female students in Europe, girls often become interested in science and technology subjects about about age 11, but by age 15, their interest starts to wane. There are a number of factors at play, but many experts believe that some girls lose interest because of social expectations that girls shouldn't be interested in science.

When your daughter is at an all girl's school, she is insulated from some of these norms. Whether your daughter is losing interest in science or any other of her passions, that could be a sign that it's time for a change. 

3. Your Daughter Is Overly Concerned With the Male Gaze

As kids of both genders get older, they start to take a more vested interest in their appearance. However, if your daughter is becoming overly consumed with the male gaze, that could hamper her ability to learn in school. If she's constantly thinking about what she's wearing, about her weight or about her hair, that makes it hard to focus on academic pursuits. At a girl's school, all girls are free from the male gaze. That gives them extra freedom to be themselves.

4. Your Daughter Acts Differently in Mixed Gender Groups

Take a look at how your daughter acts in different situations. Is she confident and willing to express her opinions with the family or with groups of all female friends? At the same time, does she seem to hold back whilst in groups of mixed genders? If so, that's a clear sign that she thrives in all female environments and that the presence of male students may be holding her back from her full potential.