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Hi, there! My name is Paulie and today I would like to use the blog to share some ideas with you. During my time in high school, I learnt a very important lesson. I wasn't very a good student and one day this teacher took me to one side and explained that if I didn't make some changes to the way I viewed the world, I would face some problems. He encouraged me to continue to follow my passions and to never stop learning. I took his advice and since leaving school, I have had a very successful life. I decided to give something back to the universe by starting this blog.


Transport of Dangerous Goods – What Is Considered Hazardous?

26 September 2018
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

If you want to open a transportation and handling business, you need to know what it qualified as dangerous goods. Dangerous goods comprise substances that have been deemed hazardous to both people as well as property. The hazards that they may pose could range from corrosiveness, flammability, their potential to explode and so on. Thus, it is imperative to identify what these items are because chances are you may have to engage in the transport of dangerous goods too. Read More …