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Lifelong Learning: The Key to a Successful Life

Hi, there! My name is Paulie and today I would like to use the blog to share some ideas with you. During my time in high school, I learnt a very important lesson. I wasn't very a good student and one day this teacher took me to one side and explained that if I didn't make some changes to the way I viewed the world, I would face some problems. He encouraged me to continue to follow my passions and to never stop learning. I took his advice and since leaving school, I have had a very successful life. I decided to give something back to the universe by starting this blog.


5 Tips for Making More Money as a Teacher

2 May 2017
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If you're a teacher and you're looking for ways to increase your income, there are multiple avenues you may want to explore. Take a look at these ideas. 1. Supplement Income With Tutoring One way to earn more money is to simply work more. As a teacher, you may want to look into private tutoring. Many parents and even college students will pay a private tutor handsome wages to teach their kids about various disciplines, and there are also jobs preparing students for tests. Read More …

Marriage Counselling: 3 Tips On How To Stop Fighting

6 January 2015
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In 2012 alone, 49,917 divorces were granted in Australia. Although couples dream of happily ever after on their wedding day, the truth of the matter is that it may take several years of marriage for couples to finally realise that they have grown apart or are actually not compatible with one another; however, many couples simply do not possess efficient and effective communication skills. As a result, most couples spend a lot of time fighting in an unhealthy manner that damages their relationship. Read More …

Smart Predictions: Four Simple Activities To Provoke Curiousity

17 November 2014
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Whether you are presenting a new topic to children in a primary school or adults in a conference room, the introduction will set the tone for the rest of the session. Facilitators often make the mistake of doing something dramatic such as telling an exciting story to gain interest. Recent studies, however, show that the Reticular Activating System in the brain makes a decision about whether or not to focus on information being presented. Read More …

What To Do When Your Child Is Not Fitting In Socially In Kindergarten

13 November 2014
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It can be worrying as parent to see that your child is not fitting in socially in kindergarten. For children who are having trouble fitting in socially, establishing some skills to deal with larger groups of children can be extremely useful and can establish good patterns for future years. Here are some steps that can help you work through your concerns. 1. Take a deep breath Make sure that you are relaxed and actively extract your personal history and concerns from any issues your child is having. Read More …